My friends Lacey, Natalie, and I were talking about “men folk” issues.  We decided to pool our misery to bring a little smile to you and give you a list on “Why Ice Cream Is Better Than A Man.”  I think it is just about perfect.  If you feel that we have somehow missed any aspect of why Men Suck and Ice Cream Rules… please feel free to let me know so I can add it.

  1. You do not have to train Ice Cream to make you happy.  Ice Cream does it automatically.
  2. Ice Cream does not lie to you.
  3. Ice Cream does not make you cry (not in THAT way anyway).
  4. Ice Cream does not cheat on you.
  5. Ice Cream will not stalk or threaten you.
  6. Ice Cream does not ask you to explain where you have been.
  7. Ice Cream never questions your trust.
  8. Ice Cream does not become jealous of other Ice Cream.
  9. Ice Cream never asks you to stop talking to certain friends.
  10. If the Ice Cream is too small, you can always get a bigger one.
  11. Ice Cream is SUPPOSED to be cold.
  12. You will not have to force Ice Cream to mature.
  13. No Ice Cream-in-laws.
  14. There are no strings attached unless you want them to be.
  15. Ice Cream never takes back their promises.
  16. Ice Cream is always there for you, day or night.
  17. Ice Cream does not mess with your mind.
  18. Therefore, you NEVER have to say/hear the words “Look, we need to talk.”
  19. The most complicated things can get is deciding if you want chocolate or rainbow sprinkles with your fudge sauce.
  20. Ice Cream will not lay on the couch all day watching football and consider “Hey, babe!  Can you grab me another beer?” as conversation.
  21. Ice Cream never talks back!
  22. Ice Cream will not blame their problems on you.
  23. Ice Cream is one of the greatest things created for pleasure.
  24. Ice Cream is actually sweet to eat.
  25. Ice Cream come in a lot of different flavors.
  26. Ice Cream keeps you happy for longer than three minutes.
  27. When you put Ice Cream in your mouth, you do not have to pretend you enjoy it because you actually do.
  28. You can eat Ice Cream more than once a day.
  29. You never have to fake it.  If the Ice Cream is not good, you can throw it out, GUILT FREE!