Well, I’m into my sixth week of school and only have twelve more weeks to go, I’m finding myself having problems concentrating in some of my school work.  Between work (which made the first couple of weeks of school hard because of the opening of a new campus and having to stay late missing class) and sick kids (which actually caused me to miss two days of class this week), I am finding myself falling behind on my homework.

The class I am having problems in is my English class.  I am finding myself having problems concentrating on the homework.  I don’t know if it has to do with the book (The Last Man Who Knew Everything:  Thomas Young, the Anonymous Genius Who Proved Newton Wrong and Deciphered the Rosetta Stone, Among Other Surprising Feats) we’re reading because I really cannot get into it since the topic is something I am not interested in at all and makes for a very boring reading.

It is a 288-page biographical book about this guy born in the late 1700s in England, who liked studying many things (the chapters I’m reading now are about his studies of the eye, like I give a damn) and was really smart.  Woo hoo!!!  So, why should I read about this guy that I am not at all interested in knowing about when I couldn’t even finish reading my favorite racer’s biography?

Then to top things of, the instructor gives us assignments to do that don’t make sense like writing letters to other classmates in other schools, wants us to come up with a business idea, and do between 20-35 vocabulary words a week (okay, this one is actually good).  She also wants us to come up with our own quiz questions about this stupid book which then she chooses 15-20 of them that are submitted to her, but the problem is that what we may have focused on different things than the other people in the class have.  Not only that, but she also assigned me and a fellow classmate to do a presentation on the “use of commas” and has been telling us for the last two weeks that we are doing it “this Thursday.”  So once again, next Thursday I have to give the presentation I was supposed to give since almost three weeks ago.

I am seriously debating about dropping the class but if I do, then I will be a semester behind from getting my AA degree, which will be done at the end of the Summer semester if I stick to my original plan because I have one more English class to take.  No other classes at all except for that one.

I am trying everything I can to focus, but can’t seem to do well.  I spend about four hours on Mondays at the English Lab so I can concentrate.  And today, on my day off from work (well I’m working OT at three this afternoon until 7:00pm), I’m spending it since about 9:15am trying to do more work since if I stayed at home, I would get too distracted.

So my question is:  Where do I get the drive to keep on going to a class I don’t like at this time because of the stupid book and I can’t seem to be doing well on the quizzes?