After walking around at work doing my daily Saturday assignments, I had a chance to ponder some things and these are some of my musings:

  • Gullibility is one of my major personality characteristics.
  • Trust should only be given to people who actually deserve and earn it.
  • I should listen to my friends more often.
  • Some things I want in life will never happen while things I don’t want to happen will.
  • Some teachers should not be allowed to teach college classes.  It is bad for the brain.
  • Money does not grow on trees despite its green appearance.
  • Some video games will make you nauseous.  Take a break and play again.
  • Kids will be kids and they don’t come with instruction manuals no matter how hard we look for them.
  • Winter is cold, spring is warm, and summer is hot and around the corner.  Can we skip summer?
  • Horses are easier to maintain than cars.  If horses are beyond repair, you just shoot them and make glue out of them, instead of trying to figure out why the light came on in the car and what it means after spending over $500.00 each time for someone else to figure it out and fix it for you.
  • When you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, it’s a good idea to stay in.  Might make the day easier and less tiring.
  • Technology makes you read long and boring instruction manuals.
  • Once you have back pain, it will stay with you forever.  At least “pains in the neck” or “pains in the butt” go away every now and then.
  • Lack of communication can be a source for disappointment.
  • Life is not just a magazine.  It is a source of entertainment and one of the most interesting roller-coaster rides people can get on.