Today, I started my first day back at school for the Fall semester. I’m taking an English class, which is required in order to get my A.A. degrees in Administration of Justice and Liberal Arts.

 I have signed up to take this class I believe a total of three times and each time I dropped the class for one reason or another. The first time was because it was an online class and I discovered I was not good at online classes like those because I would get distracted by the internet. You know? Chatting online a lot.

The second time was because I started going through a divorce and just could concentrate.

 The third time was because the teacher was from hell. She said she could no longer give me an A in the class because I missed two days (total of two hours) of class even though her syllabus said we could miss up to 6 days before our absences started affecting our grades. And, I started to have issues with my son. So, taking care of my son was priority.

This time, I researched the class time that would work for me and read the teacher reviews. The teacher I have received the best scores out of every one else. After attending the first day of school, I can see why. She is fair, friendly, and very helpful. She does assign a lot of homework, but is willing to work with you if something comes up and cannot turn in your homework on time.

I was debating whether to keep this class or move to the one that started 30 minutes earlier. But after talking to William, he made me realize that if I took the earlier class, I would be rushing to get to class since I don’t get off work until 3:00pm, it takes me about 45-50 minutes depending on traffic to drive to school (it is in the same town I live in), and class would start at 4:00pm. He said by keeping the class I have now, which starts at 4:30pm, it gives me some extra time to get there.

I hope that this semester, I can finally finish this class because I am so ready to get that A.A. degrees. WHEN I finish this class, I will only have another English class to take and also a Spanish class, which I can take next semester. It means that by May 2009, I will have those degrees I want so bad.