I am trying hard to finish my studies by the end of May 2009.  I am so close to getting my A.A. that I can almost taste it.  After this semester, only two more classes away and that little piece of paper saying I’m somebody (I already know I am) will be mine.

However, I think I might be overdoing it quite a bit this semester.  Why do I say so?  Because not only am I working a full-time job while raising my two children, I am also taking four classes (English, Physical Education, and two Photography classes) plus doing all the homework required for it.  But now, I am also teaching a class on Thursday nights!

You see, my kids just started their Catholic First Communion process, which takes two years to complete.  When I registered them for the class, I could either pay $115 for both of them (two years) or $57.50 for both of them, but I had to help in the class.  I figured since they are only there on Thursday nights for an hour, and I did not want to drive back home, I could help in one of their classrooms.

Well, on Wednesday afternoon I got a phone call from the Faith Formation program director asking me if I could teach the class this year instead since it seems no one else was willing to teach the third graders.  Parent orientation was the following day on Thursday evening and I had to talk to them about the class, but the program director helped me out since I do not know what I was doing, being this is the first time I’m teaching little kids.  And this coming Thursday evening, I will meet with my students for the first time.  So, now I have my teacher’s materials and have to prepare a lesson plan for each week.  My letter to the parents and the kids’ class rules are already put together ready for Thursday.

I guess you can say this is great practice for me and it will help me figure out if I really want to become a teacher like I’ve been thinking.  However, what was I thinking when I signed up to do so much for this semester?