Tonight was my first night as a teacher and it was going to help me decide if I do want to go for my teaching credential.  Granted I only teach on Thursday nights and I am teaching 3rd graders about God, it still was stressful.  I had to put together a letter to the parents, class rules, folders, and a lesson plan for tonight.  Not to forget about getting little things for them in order to motivate the little ones.

Well, I was really nervous about tonight and wanted to run away.  I felt as if I was going to the firing squad.  So, I tried my best to be funny and engaging,  confident, while still being stern when needed in order to get through my introductory lesson.

I told my kids what they needed to know about the class, what the rules were, a little about myself, and they told me a little about themselves.  I had them do an activity from the book and I got them to participate and read out loud.

The cool things about my first day as a teacher were that I could tell on the first day who the outgoing kids are and who the shy ones are.  I could tell who was going to be my “smart-ass” kid and who wasn’t going to give me any trouble at all.  But the best thing of all was that they all told me that they did not want to leave when it was their time to go.  That made me feel really good.

So far, that teaching career is looking pretty good.  Let’s see where it goes from here.