Tonight, I took my final exam for my English class, which means I am done with school for this semester.  I am so happy and relieved because I had so much work to do this semester.  The semester just seemed to drag on forever.

For my English class, I wrote four required papers (Proposal letter, Term paper, Research paper, and Opinion paper), one extra credit paper comparing the similarities between The Things They Carried (book) and Operation Homecoming: Writing The Wartime Experience (movie), and a bunch of summaries for articles we read or movies we watched in class.  Each paper required a brainstorming paper, first draft, group review of each other’s paper, and a final draft.  I also had to do a presentation on my Research paper, which I was not happy to do, but me 5-points extra credit since everyone thought it was the best presentation for the day.  We read two books (avoid reading Nickel and Dimed) also and an additional homework to do each week during our English lab hour.  Despite all of the work we had to do, the teacher (Meghan Swanson) was the best!  I sure am going to miss her.  She was always prepared for class and treated everyone with respect.

For my Photography classes, I spent every single weekend taking photos for my assignments.  I didn’t realize how time-consuming the class would be, but now I know.  I had to take photos to meet different requirements, such as flowers, place, landscapes, color correction, histograms, diptychs, panoramas, black and white, to name a few.  By the time the semester ended (on the 17th for this school), I was glad that I no longer had to take photos.  One criticism of the class is that the instructor was not involved in any of the critiquing.  I understand that the class was online, but the fact that the instructor stopped posting in September says a lot.  Most of the criticism I received were from my fellow classmates.  Also, I have realized that if I know that a class is going to be time-consuming, then taking a Photography class for my hobby might not be a good idea.

And finally, my P.E. class was kind of a let down ONLY because the instructor decided not to teach the class on the first day we were supposed to meet.  I signed up for Kickboxing and was looking forward to it.  Instead, the coordinator of the program let me sign up for another class that would help her keep the class because of the low enrollment and allowed me to do the time on my own, which was cool.  I did work out a lot and lost about 10lbs.

So, what do I think my grades for my classes are?  Here’s what I think:
*  English:  I believe I got an “A” in the class even though the final is not graded yet because so far my percentage in the class is 97.17%.
*  Photography 1:  I got an “A” because I scored perfect in all of my assignments.
*  Photography 2:  Same thing, “A”.
*  P.E.:  Probably a “B” because I missed a few days of exercising due to my lower back problems, but was working out three times a week instead of twice, so maybe I still got an “A”.

I’m so glad school is over and I get to rest for a month before starting up again!