So, on Friday while trying to distract myself from doing some homework, I decided to start looking for people on Facebook. Mostly, the few names of my fellow students that I remembered from childhood. When nothing panned out, I decided to start looking for my family members and was pleasantly surprised to have found my sister Ursula there.Short story: after my mom and dad divorced, my dad remarried and had two more kids. My mom, brother (Netzher), and I moved to the United States in 1986; and my dad stayed in Peru. Because of the distance and my age (you know how young people do not see it as cool to stay in touch with the “old” folks), I lost touch with my dad. Then, I got married, had kids, started school, got divorced, etc. Life has kept me pretty busy.Well, after sending Ursula an email (wasn’t too sure if it was her since the picture on the profile was too small for me to see her face), she sent me a request and now we are “friends” here. By going through her profile, I found my brother Nick, which was cool and we are also “friends.” So, I talked to her on the phone yesterday (it’s been years since we’ve talked) while she is in Miami and after we hung up, she got Nick who is in Peru to create a profile for my dad (he is technologically-challenged. LOL). My dad sent me a “friend” request and after I accepted, we chatted for a very long time. My dad told me that I should add a cousin named Leytzher, which I did.

It is really cool that after such a long time and having done a lot of growing up, I’m starting to get in touch with my dad’s side of the family. I just wish I would have been able to spend more time with Nick, but that was not possible since he was born after we moved here. I only saw him for about three months when I went back to Peru in 1989-1990 (during the Christmas break from school). At least, I did get to spend more time with Ursula.