Tonight, I took my final exam for my second English class, which means I am done with school for this semester and I will get my Associates in Arts degrees.  The semester just seemed to drag on forever.

For my English class, I read A Long Day’s Journey into Night, Oedipus the King, Antigone, A Streetcar Named Desire, Les Miserables, Lord of the Flies, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Death of a Salesman among other short stories and poems which totalled 53 items of reading.  I wrote four required papers, took one quiz on Les Miserables, and prepared for the 167-question final.

From all the essays I wrote and the quiz I was getting an “A-” in the class.  However, the final was worth 50% of our semester grade, which to me seemed a little bit unfair.  Why do I say unfair?  Well, we had to memorize all the authors to the stories we read, so right there were 53 questions (no problem.  We had 39 questions on general stuff about the stuff we’ve read, but the remaining questions (75 of them) were on quotes from the materials we read.  Quotes that the intructor (Jim Willis) thought were important.  The problem is that he never told us what the important quotes were.  So we had to guess which ones he thought were important and also guess who said them.

So, what do I think my grade for my class is?  Here’s what I know:
* Well, I got a “B” in the final, which lowered my “A-” to a “B+” in the class.  But since there are not “B+” when you get graded by the school, it means I got a “B” in the class.

I’m so glad school is over and that I will finally get my AA degree.  Now, I get to rest for two weeks before starting up again for the summer semester!