At home after I received my diploma

On May 29th, 2009, I reached the completion of one of my educational goals after working for it for a long time.

I had started going to college part-time back in 1993 and I wanted to become a Psychologist, but a couple of years after I started, I changed my major to Administration of Justice because I discovered I liked law enforcement. A couple of years after I switched majors, I dropped out of school to start a family.

In 2005, my ex wanted to go back to school and I registered him for classes not thinking at all about me going back to school yet, though I knew that I wanted to go back eventually. A couple of weeks after registering him, and of course of me thinking about it, I registered for a couple of classes. The ex and I were even in the same class together. I had it all planned so he and I would graduate together.

A couple of weeks before the Spring 2006 semester started, my ex and I ended our marriage because, well, that’s a long story. I stayed in school anyways and he also did. I kept chugging along trying to finish what I started. I had to drop all my classes in the middle of one semester because of issues with Michael, but I went back the next semester trying to finish all my general education requirements since I had taken the classes I needed for my major back in the 90’s.

Needless to say, three and a half years after I went back, I finally reached my goal of getting my Associates in Arts degrees in Administration of Justice and Liberal Arts. It was very hard working full-time, going to school part-time, raising my kids, helping them with their homework, doing my own homework, and dealing with the stresses daily life gives you.

Throughout everything I was going through I had the greatest support anyone can ask for. I don’t know what I would have done if my mom, Laura, and my grandma, Dora, weren’t there to help me out by watching my kids so I could take evening classes. If it wasn’t for them helping me out and encouraging me to keep on going, I wouldn’t have completed one of my goals. I am so grateful to have them in my life. They are the greatest support I have!

I am also thankful to my friends, like Stewart and Julie, for providing me with stress relief by keeping me happy with all of their insanities. After all, it takes one nut to know another nut. They encouraged me to keep on going and not to give up.

I’m also thankful for my kids because they were the biggest reason why I kept on going to school. I wanted to prove to them that no matter how old you are, you can reach the goals you set for yourself. It was great seeing them in the stands watching me graduate.

Now, I am working towards my Bachelor’s in Arts degree in Psychology which I hope to complete no later than the Spring 2013. Yes, I am going back to the major I had decided on many years ago before switching to law enforcement because I want to work with trouble kids before they become extremely dysfunctional adults. Perhaps I may even want to work at a school or college. We’ll see where life leads me to.

One last footnote, I have managed to graduate one year ahead of my ex.