Tonight, I took my final exams for my Sociology and Religious Studies classes, which means I am done with school for this semester.  The semester was just too busy and I had A LOT of homework to do in a very short amount of time.

For my Sociology class, I had to write a paper on how the lack of Measles Immunizations can affect the countries of Hungary and Monaco, which actually had a very high immunization rate compared to Chad, which had the lowest immunization rate in the world.  I also took ten quizzes, two midterms, peer reviews for the term paper, and wrote three extra credit assignments.

For my Religious Studies class, I took four quizzes.  However, we had to post twice (once to the intructor’s questions, wait a day and 12 hours before posting a response to a student’s post) for each question.  There were about three questions for each of modules 2 and 3, and two questions for module 4.  Each post had to be at least 500 words, so if you add the post to the teacher and the student together, it was as if writing a paper.  Also, I had to attend a different religious service and write my term paper on that service.  i chose to go to a Jewish service and I have to admit that it was very nice.

So, what do I think my grades for my classes are?  Here’s what I think:
*  Sociology:  I believe I got an “A” in the class even though the final is not graded yet because so far my percentage in the class is 90.25% and I did three extra credit assignments.
*  Religious Studies:  I got an “B” hopefully because I messed up on the quiz for module 2 and submitted it by mistake before I even finished the quiz, which did not give me the full grade I should have gotten.

I’m so glad school is over and that I will finally get to rest for three weeks before starting up again for the fall semester with a Statistics class!