Last night, I took my final exam for my Statistic class, which means I am done with school for this semester.  The semester was just too hard and I had A LOT of homework to do because it was basically two semesters combined into one; and anything related to Math is just not my strong point.

I took a lot of quizzes for the class and, of course, chapter tests that go along with it.  There were certain things I still do not understand like p-test and t-value, etc., but I am not going to worry my pretty little head about it.  I spent a lot of time writing my index “cheat” cards (instructor-approved) with as much information as possible, and a lot of time preparing for the tests and quizzes.

So, what do I think my grades for my class?  Here’s what I think: I believe I got an “C” in the class even though the final is not graded yet.  I would have had to royally flunk the final for me to get anything lower.  Am I happy with the “C”?  Yes, because I put in a lot of work for the class.  At times, I felt like crying and giving up, but I did not.  I stuck it through.