Sometimes life just seems to get so complicated no matter how hard we try to make it nice and simple.  People coming at you from all different places telling you how to think, how to feel, what to believe in, how to be.  They ask for so much, but at the same time they are not willing to help make those things they ask for to come true.

Do we truly listen to each other and what we have to say or do we just hear each other talking without paying attention to what the person is saying because we already have made up our minds?  Do we truly know each other as well as we think we do or do we automatically judge others without letting them explain their points of view?  Why is it that doubt seems to cloud our thoughts and what our heart feels?

Just because we are all different, it doesn’t mean that we are wrong.  We all communicate differently, act differently, believe differently from each other.  Our life experiences shape the way we are and how we act.  Some of us require more time to talk about things while others have no problems talking about them instantly.  Just because we don’t say what we have on our minds, it doesn’t mean that we are not trusting you or what you have to say.  Some of us require more time to put our feelings in check and rationalize them, so we won’t over-react or say the wrong thing because our emotions got the best of us.

Life is complicated and our differences make us all unique.  We just need to take the time to be able to talk and truly listen to each other, and somehow, turn life’s complications into ways that make life simpler.