It feels good doing good deeds for people without expecting anything in return.  When I used to commute from Livermore to Santa Rosa way back in the day (before I got married and had kids), I would be one of those “loonies” who would pay the bridge toll for the people behind me.  Heck, I did that quite a few times because I knew it would make them feel good.  But sometimes, some good deeds feel more rewarding when done and that is what happened today.

A guy came into my office because I had given him a ticket earlier in the day.  He looked tired and frustrated.  He told me that he was homeless, living out of his truck, and said he was embarrassed to admit it.  He said he did not have the money to pay for the fines.  He almost started crying.  I told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about and that the economy had forced many people into bad situations.  I told him to put the fact he was homeless in his appeal and asked him if he could come back next week to give him the results since we couldn’t mail it to him.  He said he couldn’t come back since he didn’t have money for gas.  I got the ticket dismissed for him.  I told him that we had employment services on campus that might be able to help him find a job.  He was grateful for getting the citation dismissed and guiding him to the department that might help him out.

As we were heading out, I asked him if he had lunch and he told me not to worry about it, but I told him it was my treat.  He was reluctant about taking my offer, after all, I was wearing my police uniform, but you could tell he needed to eat.  He shyly told Mac (the guy who runs the cafeteria) that he only wanted to get a sandwich; but I made him get chips, a soda, and a piece of fruit.  He was so thankful that his face seemed to light up.  He actually gave me a hug and thanked me for everything I had done for him.  I told him if he needed anything else, to contact me and I would try to help.

I’m glad I was able to make his day a little brighter.