In preparation for my Income Tax Return, I’m putting a small list together of what I would like to buy with the money that I might get back and after I pay any outstanding bills I may have.  I might be able to buy just one of the items on my list, but I would love to buy all of them, of course.  I can dream, can’t I?

1)  Car repairs.  Though this is not exactly a “wish list” item, it is a necessity.  And depending on how much I spend here, it will help fulfill some or all (cross my fingers) of the items on this wish list.

2)  Bedroom set.  The bedroom set I have is 20 years old and I think it is time to update it.  Maybe this way I can make more room in my bedroom since I traded rooms with the kids and now my bedroom is smaller.

3)  Camera lens.  I am drooling over a 400mm lens that I have found on B&H Photo and it still manages to make good quality photos.  With that lens, I will be able to take better close-up photos of Valentino Rossi while racing.

4)  Laptop.  Though I have a desktop, I would like to have a laptop, so I can immediately download the photos I take on my Nikon D300.  I would also like to be able to play on the computer while I am in the living room watching shows on my HDTV, instead of having to get up and go to my room to use the computer there.  Accomplished 05/2011

5)  MotoGP tickets.  I want to get a three-day ticket and pit pass for the MotoGP races in July.  This would be the first year that I will go see the races every day they are here, if I can manage to buy those tickets.  And since Heidi will be going with me and she brought me luck last year, maybe I can finally use her luck into getting that photo with Rossi.  Accomplished 04/2011

6)  Rossi’s official fan club.  As a true Valentino Rossi fan, I would like to join his official fan club again.  I got a membership in 2009, but didn’t get one last year.  Maybe if I get one this year, it will help me get a photo with him.  After all, I did get his autograph last year from using his 2009 Official fan club baseball cap.  Accomplished 03/2011

7)  Photoshop CS5 Extended Software.  Self-explanatory… for editing photos and creating HDR photos.  Accomplished 08/2011

I think that is it for now.  See, the items on this list aren’t that outrageous!