For a while now, I knew I was going to change my educational goals, but never thought about doing something about it.  I knew that I couldn’t study Psychology anymore because I found through research that it tends to be depressing and it doesn’t earn a lot of money.  And, at my young age, I want to earn a little extra money plus not be depressed by listening to other people’s problems (I have enough with my own).  So, I thought a Business degree was the route.

Well, I couldn’t decide between Accounting, Management, or Human Resources.  I kept flip-flopping.  Anyways, Julie gave me some great information (like how “affordable” it can be).  In a “rush” because I am tired of being at a “dead-end” job andthinking that by the time the two years are up the economy would be much better for me to find a new job, I contacted the University of Phoenix today and started the whole enrollment process.

The guy was pretty good and helped me out a lot.  He is going to contact me back on Friday in order to allow my Financial Aid to come through, and then I’ll see if it is all set to go for me to start school on May 17th.  If that is the case, I am ready to go.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!