It’s been five weeks since I started my first class with the University of Phoenix.  I will have to admit that though the class took only five weeks, they were five weeks of constant research and writing.  It was a little hard reading a few chapters, writing three individual papers, and doing two team projects in those five weeks.  I can tell by looking at the next class, which starts tomorrow, that the class is going to be a bit harder because there are two textbooks to read and just about every single chapter in those two books.  The good thing is that I only have 20 more classes to take and I will have my BS degree.

So, what did I get in the class?  A of course.  I hope I can say the same thing for the other classes.  Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be that lucky when the Finance and Accounting classes come my way.

Business Communication (BCOM/275), I am ready for you!