Every year, I go to the MotoGP races at Laguna Seca in Monterey, and every year the experiences are different.  Last year, I got Valentino Rossi’s autograph and I was totally happy.  I figured this year would also be different, and I was right.

I went for three days this time.  My first time ever going for the entire race weekend.  I was unable to get his autograph on the first day.  Then again, I didn’t try really hard.  I took photos from the front of the track, so that gave me a closer look and the opportunity to take better photos.  On the second day, I got his autograph, and once again, I took photos from the front of the track.

On the third day, I brought a couple of the photos I took of him in hopes he would sign them.  I also waited in the paddock area while he was warming up in the hopes the crowds would be less and I would get a better spot.  I was right.  When he came back from his practice, he signed my photos and I was finally able to get my photo taken with him.  It was the happiest day ever!

This is what made it all worth it for me: