It’s been another five weeks since I started my fifteenth class with the University of Phoenix on May 24, 2011.  Things are going downhill very fast.  This class was so freaking hard and it reminded me why I hate Statistics.  Though I have taken this class when I got my Associates degree, it was A LOT harder doing it over a period of five weeks.  Once again, the good thing is that I only have six more classes to take until I have my BS degree.

So, what did I get in the class?  I was surprised to do as well as I did in the class and I got an A-.  So, I am still trying to keep my GPA above a 3.85, so I could graduate with honors.  This coming class should be hard because we will incorporate everything we have learned in the last 15 classes.

Integrated Business Topics (BUS/475), I am not looking forward to seeing you for the next five weeks.