In preparation for my Income Tax Return, I’m once again putting a list together of what I would like to buy with the money I will get back.  I might be able to cross off a couple of the items on my list, but I would love to cross off all of them.  I am still dreaming!

1)  Bedroom set.  Still trying to buy that elusive bedroom set.  Need a desk, dresser, bookcase, headrest, and two night tablesPARTLY Accomplished 07/2013

2)  Camera lens.  I am drooling over a few lenses still, but I think I will buy them used.  I need to figure out exactly which one it is that I want.

3)  Apple TV.  Yes, I want to buy me the Apple TV.  What can I say?  Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming a Mac Geek.  Accomplished 05/2013

That’s it until next year’s return.