It’s been another five weeks since I started my seventeenth class with the University of Phoenix on May 24, 2011.  Things are going downhill very fast and I can count how many classes I have left in one hand and not include my thumb.  This class was also very hard because I had a bunch of idiots in my group.  One would change the language on his writing that made him/her sound stupid, and others did not know what proper formatting was.  Again, the good thing is that I only have three more classes to take until I have my BS degree.

So, what did I get in the class?  An extremely disappointing B.  The lowest grade I have ever gotten in all my classes, which means my GPA went down.  I doubt I will get my GPA above a 3.85, so I can graduate with honors.  I basically have to get all A’s to get my GPA at 3.85 if I am lucky.  Oh, well!

Total Compensation (HRM/324), I am ready to see you for the next five weeks.