On May 05, 2013, I discovered a new sport that I now love… Hockey!  I went to my first hockey game with my friend Steve.  He had been bugging me for years, if not decades, to go to a game with him, but I was never interested.  As an item I wanted to check off my “Things To Do” list, I asked him if he wanted to go to a game while he was visiting from Oregon, and of course he said “Yes!”  Since my first game, I am a huge fan of the San Jose Sharks.

It is a complete different experience than the MotoGP races.  Here, you are in an arena with thousands of fellow fans, and very few fans of the other team, rooting for your team to win.  It’s exciting.  It is amazing seeing all those hockey players move so fast, and at times get hurt badly (like a puck or stick to the face), which requires them to leave the ice only to return a few minutes later all patched up and ready to keep on playing.