I went to my first hockey game, and I can honestly say that I am a major hockey fan.  I cannot believe I wasted all this time and never went to a game.

My friend Steve has been a major San Jose Sharks fan since I have known him.  I think he tried to get me to go to a game, but I never really cared to do it.  Then, we talked about going to a game when I was supposed to go visit him in Oregon in January, but the NHL strike was still in full force and I was unable to get the time to go.  He happened to be here to help his mom out and at the last minute, we decided to go to the first home game of the first playoff games.

We got there with about 30 minutes to spare and I bought me my own jersey.  A black, players’ designed one.  I was going to get me a teal one, but I noticed it was a women’s cut, which I did not care for, and Steve noticed that it had a pulled thread.  He immediately told the salesperson we were not going to take it without even asking me.  He took charge of the situation, and I liked it.  We also got white playoff towels.  I did not know at the time that you swirl them around, so it makes for a big impact.

It was the best game I could have watched.  The Sharks kicked the Vancouver Canucks’ butts 5 to 3.  The Sharks even scored two goals within 9 seconds from each other.  Steve said that in his 20 years of watching hockey, this game rates second as the best game he has ever watched.  To me, this is the best game so far.  So, after the game was over, I asked Steve that if I could get tickets for Tuesday’s game, if he would go with me and he said “Yes.”  Another thing I liked!  I just wish he lived here so he and I could go to more games together.  C’est la vie!  At least I have a date for Tuesday’s game.  Woo hoo!!!