Okay, I am getting really hooked on hockey.  I never thought I would say this, but I actually prefer it to MotoGP.  Of course, Rossi will always be king, so no need to panic there.  No one will ever replace Rossi!

The venture started when Steve and I went to dinner together before the game.  That was really great Italian food.  Once we got to the HP Pavilion, we got Chomp Cards (to use for the Power Plays) and we also got our pictures taken together.  Also, Steve promised me he would let me take a picture of us together inside, and he did as he promised.  I thought we looked great together though in the second picture he looks a little crazy.  Our seats were better than the ones on Sunday though they were a little higher.  But, we sat on the Canucks’ goal so we would be able to see the Sharks score.

This game was quite stressful for me to watch.  During the second and third periods, the Sharks were behind and I honestly thought they were going to lose.  I was not a very happy camper.  I guess I did provide Steve with a great source of entertainment because he said I was a total rookie.  Gee!  Go figure!  Near the end of the third period, the Sharks scored, so the game was tied.  Steve said this is the kind of game he preferred… where it is so close that you do not know who is going to win.  To me, that is stressful, but I can see where he is coming from. Steve also said they were going to go into overtime, and he was right.  The first to score would win the game.

We have to be thankful that the Canucks were desperate and made a boo-boo that cost them a penalty… a Power Play in our favor.  The Sharks took them opportunity and scored.  That was a SWEEP, BABY!!!  The Sharks won the series 4-0.  Way to go Sharks!!!

While heading home, Steve said this was even better than Sunday’s game.  I agree!  Why?  Because I love hockey, and the company was wonderful.  We did agree that when the Sharks make it to the Stanley Cup that we would go together.

Here is a few pictures from the game:


Me and Steve (Steve is in the hockey witness protection program)

Start of Game – Sharkie Glowing

Start of Game