After receiving diploma

On July 13, 2013, I accomplished another goal that I thought would take a lot longer to complete.  I cannot believe that after so many years of putting my education aside and trying to figure out what I wanted to study, I finally got my Bachelor in Science degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources.

The ceremony was nice.  The speakers did not take a long time speaking, I met and spoke to a couple of fellow graduates who helped pass the time, and what took longer was the hundreds of people walking to get their degrees.  The ceremony was made extra especial when Jason Jones (who worked for a different department at Ohlone College and we talked a lot), who now works for University of Phoenix, was handing out the diplomas and he gave me mine.  He remembered me and gave me a hug on stage.  That made it feel special.  It was really nice to have my kids, my mom, my grandma, Julie, Peter, James, and Lea attend my graduation and making my day memorable by also going to lunch with me.  It was also nice knowing that my friend Steve was watching my graduation online, and also receiving so many people’s congratulations on Facebook.

Originally, I started going to school to get my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I took two classes and as I did more research, I found out that it was a depressing career. Also, I wanted to be able to move outside of California and if I had a license to practice in California, it meant that I would need to qualify in another state. After careful consideration, I decided to switch majors.

I spoke to my friend Julie and she told me that her boyfriend (now husband) was going along far with University of Phoenix. At first, I was considering the cost, but with all the economic problems the State of California was having, which included cutting funding to education, I knew it would take a long time before I could even get my degree. Also, I wanted to change careers as soon as possible, and taking longer to get my degree was not an option. I do not regret taking this route, except for the cost. But, education is not free.

I started school on May 24, 2011. I was taking one class at a time for five weeks. It was very hard to do because it was a lot of reading to do in a very short period of time. Somehow, I managed to chug along. Also, I was striving to get the best grades possible because I wanted to graduate with honors. I managed to graduate with a GPA of 3.84 and I belong to the Business Honors Club. I am very proud of my accomplishments!

I wanted to start by saying that I love my family and friends. I had great support from my kids, who saw me working hard to get my homework done. Also, my mom and my grandma helped me a lot by taking care of Alexis and Michael. I also had great support from my friend Stephen, who never gave up on me and always believed I was able to do anything I set my mind on. Then, there is Julie, who gave me the idea to go to University of Phoenix in the first place. James, who encouraged me and would tell me he was proud of me for going back to school. Of course, Heidi, whose wit made for some stressful days less stressful. Lea, for always smiling and making me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Other people who supported me through this process was Jennifer Druley, who helped by being the first person to allow me to do an internship with the Human Resources at my work with the blessing of Shairon Zingsheim, the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Training. The unpaid internship became a part-time job while I went to school. Shairon had the blessing of my boss, Steve Osawa, and she put me under the supervision of Vy Anderson to help me further with my education. Working in that HR department allowed me to learn so much and to get to know people in a different way.

Now, I plan to take a few months off from school because I need a break. I do plan on going back to school to get my Master’s degree. I am still trying to figure out in what field I want to get it in… Global Management or Organizational Management. Or, in something my aptitude test said I would be strong in something that is… Creative. I would be great at something related to the arts, design, music, photography. Go figure! I guess this is something that I will need to figure out a little bit down the road.

Waiting to go inside

Me and Lea

Me and James

Happy to be graduating in Sharks TerrirorySan Jose Sharks true fan

Getting my diploma from Jason Jones

After graduation (goofy)

After graduation (normal)