Early this morning while talking to my friend Stephen about trading players and renewing contracts, somehow we got on the subject about some Sharks players being hot.  He said that we should trade Dan Boyle for Callahan, and that I should get on Twitter asking for the trade.  Of course, I told him I could not give Boyler up (I am a fan), and he jokingly told me that we could not keep players around because of their “hot” factor and that there are no female GMs because of that reason (“Keep a player because he has a cute butt.”).  I just had to carry it as far as possible.

He then sends a picture of Callahan and I told him I may be getting persuaded.  I told him that maybe we could have a team full of hotties with talent.  He joked with me about liking pretty boys, and I told him I wanted hot-looking players to look at, and that we could be known for having the hottest looking team in the league.  We would need a big rink to hold all of the female fans, and that after the games (win or lose) we could have them skating around showing their assets.  Then our conversation moved to other things, Sharks related of course, like Tomas Hertl skating today for the first time after his knee injury in December 2013.

This afternoon while watching the game, he talked about trading Scott Hannan.  I told him we could trade him and keep Boyler.  Then I added that we could keep Cooch (Logan Couture) if he got a haircut.  He then said he was going to start sending me photos of cheerleaders (to annoy me) and I told him it would not bother me.  I sent him a photo of Boyler.  While looking for more photos, I noticed that someone else had posted on her blog  about sexy hockey players.  The portion of the blog was titled “Sexy Saturday” and this one featured Dan Boyle (Vicky and Nikki’s 5 Hole Sexy Saturday: Dan Boyle).  GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike)!!!  That post gave me an idea.

I am listing my “San Jose Sharks Hotties,” and I think this is something I will do every season.  I am starting with the 2013-2014 season since I did not discover hockey until the playoffs in the 2012-2013 season.  It would just not be fair to backtrack.  Right?