On Friday, March 28, 2104, after many years of contemplating getting LASIK surgery, I finally decided to go through with it.  The truth is that I was tired of wearing glasses.  Before, I was able to wear my contacts and see perfectly with them on, but  he last few six months to a year, my sight got to the point that I could no longer see up close with my contacts on.  I could still see far away, but whenever I tried to read up close, I could not.  However, I was still able to see up close and far away when I wore my glasses.  Same prescription and everything, but my glasses for some reason allowed me to see up close.

My eye doctor, Dr. Stephen Faith, did all the pre-op measurements and he said I was a perfect candidate for LASIK, so he referred me to Dr. Mark Mandel.  Of course, being the paranoid freak that I am, I decided to do all this research on YouTube on how LASIK is done, which led me to videos about the complications even one from Dr. Oz.  I asked people that I knew if they regretted having it done and none of them said they did.

These are the things I had to do to have my LASIK done:

  • About a week before, I had to scrub my eye lids with these lid pads to make sure I would get rid of all the dead skin and oils on them for the entire week.
  • Three days before, I had to start doing antibiotic drops four times a day.
  • The day of the surgery, they took my measurements again.  Then they gave me a Valium, put eye drops again, and I finally went in after waiting for about two hours.  The whole thing took about 10-15 minutes to do both eyes.  Yes, that quick.  They took me out and I could see pretty well.  Much better than without my glasses.  They put more eye drops in and then put my shields on.  They told me that shortly, I would start feeling severe burn for about 10-20 minutes.  Boy!  They were not kidding.  The best way I could describe it is like getting pepper sprayed.  After about 20 minutes, the burning went away and all I had was this scratchy feeling, as if I had something in my eyes.  The doctor wanted me to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the day until next morning (except to go to the bathroom or go eat), which I did.  He said not to remove my shields to put eye drops.  I could start the eye drops the next day.  He said I had to sleep with the shields on for a week or so as not to scratch my eyes while I sleep because they itch, which would cause the cornea flap to move and not heal in place.
  • The next day, I was able to remove my shields and started the antibiotic drops plus some “steroid drops to reduce the swelling four times a day, and lubricating drops every 1-2 hours.  Three types of drops total.  I was able to see basically perfect with very slight blurry vision.  I had an appointment with my regular eye doctor, and my eyes were healing just fine.
  • So now, I have to continue sleeping with my shields on until Friday, continue all the eye drops until Wednesday, and from then on just keep using the lubricating eye drops for a few weeks, if not months.  My next doctor’s appointment is this Friday and I will know for sure how much my eyesight has improved because of the LASIK.

Not bad for almost 20/20 vision!