Boyle 22

Dan Boyle #22

I was very sad to hear that Dan Boyle would not be returning to the San Jose Sharks for the 2014-2015, but I was not surprised.  I understand that he wanted a multi-year contract and that the Sharks were willing to only give him a one-year contract, mostly because he is “old” at 37 for hockey.  I think he was a great defenseman, though this year it did not show.  I am going to miss seeing him in teal, and whichever team grabs him next will have a good player.

In other Sharks news, Martin Havlat is also not returning this year.  That move was expected because he was not a great acquisition for the Sharks.  He was hurt the majority of the time, and when he played, he was streaky.  Oh, well!  I am not going to miss him.  Brunt Burns has been moved back to defense.  I am not sure how I feel about this move.  Though originally he started as a defenseman, last year he played forward and I think he did great.  Yet, his build and physicality are good for the blue line.

These new changes will hopefully allow the Sharks to build up on its defense line, which was lacking all year long.

Finally, the Sharks announced that it was going to make more changes to its roster and hinted that younger players would be placed in positions of leadership.  I wonder, how so?  Of course, with Dan Boyle leaving, that clears up one spot for an Alternate Captain, but could there be two if Patrick Marleau is demoted?  Will there be a new captain?  I see Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski filling those spots, but I still like Joe Thornton as the captain.  We will see what other changes will come.