I decided to surprise my daughter by taking her to go see Il Volo as an early birthday present.  My mom said she would go as long as she could sit as close as possible.  I got the tickets and we did all that was possible to keep the secret.  We did a wonderful job!

For weeks my daughter believed she was going to an event at my mom’s work, and she was not happy at all.  As we were getting closer and closer to the venue, I did a great job distracting her so she would not see the signs saying that Il Volo was playing there.  As we were standing in line waiting to go in, she overheard them rehearsing and I told her that she was imagining things.  Thankfully, they were near the end of their rehearsal so she only heard them sing for a minute or two.

As we were getting closer to go get something to eat, she saw a couple of people walking around wearing Il Volo t-shirts and we told her that they are becoming popular so that is why.  She believed them.  Shortly after we sat down to eat, a couple of ladies sat at our table.  My daughter got up to talk on the phone, and as she was walking around in circles, we told the ladies what we were doing, so they played along.  My mom then got up to go get her a t-shirt and I ended up doing a great job distracting her by taking an “ussie,” as my daughter liked to call it.  See:


Once we finished eating, we went to sit down and patiently waited for the show to start.  Thankfully, there were no banners saying who was performing, so we kept up the charade by saying that the stage was for the main speaker and that event coordinators tend to have music to keep the audience entertained.  My mommy and I “ussie”:


The performance started about 7:45 with a long musical introduction.  She heard the first few melodies and we told her that because we were in a winery, they liked to play Italian music.  Then the surprised unravelled… They came out!  She gave a shriek and started bawling.  Yes, crying very hard because she was so surprised and happy that she was seeing them perform.

The only bad experience was that the venue would not let us take any photos or videos during the performance, and security was like a hawk enforcing the rules.  Near the very, very end, the majority of people were taking photos and videos because we knew that the show would be over within a couple of minutes.

Here are a few photos I took: