Demers 5Defenseman Jason Demers was traded today to the Dallas Stars in exchange for left-handed Defenseman Brenden Dillon and a 2016 third round pick.  The Sharks will retain 35% of Demers’ two-year salary.  The Sharks were in need of a left-handed defenseman, which they found in Dillon, to help them with their problems on the blue line.

In all honestly, the news shocked me more than when Dan Boyle got traded in part because the Boyle trade was expected since his wish for a multi-year contract was not granted.  Demers seems to have been surprised by the news as well, but stated he will give it his best while playing for the Stars.

I really hate to see Demers go.  He was one of my favorite players even if he was not as reliable as others.  His friendly personality with his teammates and fans alike made him one of the fans favorites, and he will truly be missed.

One more player to add to my list of other teams hotties.  Hope to see you back in teal one day soon, Daddy (Demers’ nickname).