Shamrock 2015So my first goal was to lose a third of my weight by March.  The reason why I wanted to lose 28 lbs. was because I wanted to participate in a 5K sometime during the year.  Originally, Jennifer, Lea, and I had thought about participating in the CPOA Memorial Run (to honor fallen police officers) in May, but then we chose to sign up for the City of Dublin Shamrock 5K Fun Run & Walk in March 15, 2015.

Lea and I picked up our chipped bibs and t-shirt on Friday, March 13th, and that made the race seem more real.  Like we finally were going to reach our goal.  Jennifer picked hers up earlier.  Also, Jennifer’s cousin Michelle was going to be doing the race with us, but she has done quite a few 5K and 10K races.

The race was tougher than I thought.  Because of our pace (we knew we were not going to be fast), we started all the way back on the 10:00-minute pace start.  At first, we were doing a 3-minute run/1-minute walk cycle, but after 1.5 miles or so, I told Jennifer to keep going (breathing was hard).  Lea was right behind me, so I kept pushing myself.  I finished my race in 38:59.63 minutes, and my average pace was 12:34 minutes.

It was great completing one of my goals and doing it with some awesome friends.

Shamrock Team 2015