Mission Peak 2015 So my second goal was to hike to the top of Mission Peak.  I told Lea I wanted to do this sometime around April because the weather would be nice (very cool yet sunny), and because I thought I would have reached the halfway point of my weight loss.  Originally, Lea, and I had planned to do it by ourselves, but about three days before I invited Jen to come with us.

Jennifer, Lea, and I parked at Ohlone College, and after we stopped by to say hello to Ben, we started our trek around 8:30 a.m.  The hike up the hill was very difficult at times.  There were so many steep parts and that made it so difficult breathing.  It took us 1:40 hours of (like Jen put it so nicely) OMG! to get to the top. The last part made me feel like a Billy Goat.  Once at the top, we had to wait close to one hour just to get our picture taken with the symbol that represents Mission Peak… The totem pole.  Coming down was so much easier and faster, but there were parts that were quite slippery.

We climbed 2,516 feet, or as Jen and I’s Fitbit logged 218 floors.  RunKeeper recorded the whole hike as 7.04 miles of fun that took 3:10 hours to complete.

It was great completing another one of my goals and that Jennifer and Lea were again part of it.  On to Goal #3 to be completed sometime in May.

Mission Peak Team 2015