Technically, the hockey season is still going because we are now entering the playoffs, but San Jose Sharks season is officially over.  It was over about a week earlier, but the last few games were mandatory since the points they earned or did not earn would not count.

It is sad for me to see such a great team not make the playoffs this season.  They made it for the last ten years.  Who is to blame?  Veteran players were not as consistent as they could have been, but they carried the team.  Coaching was decent.  Rookie players played as well as could be expected from rookies.  Management is where the fault lies.  Management did not do anything to keep the team (including the coaching staff) motivated.

They stripped the “C” from Joe Thornton, one of the best players to play the game because he alone could not get the Sharks to Round 2 of the playoffs last year.  Ummm… hockey is a team sport not an individual sport.  Instead, they had four rotating captains all season long.  They were Joe Thornton (who was the captain), Patrick Marleau, Joe Pavelski, and Marc-Edouard Vlasic.  They moved Brent Burns back to defense.  I am sorry, but he is not a good defenseman, he was excellent as a forward.  And what is worse, they made absolutely no worthy trades.  They acquired lousy players and paid good money for them, traded down on round picks, and traded established players for bad players or bad round picks.  And, they constantly brought the morale of the team down because of statements made to the media.

Doug Wilson should be fired, plain and simple!  I will continue to support the Sharks, but not because of management or the coaching staff.  I will do so because I trust and believed in the established, good players.  They deserve my support for playing the game they love with little support from management.