Laguna Seca 2013

On July 19-21, 2013, I went to my eighth MotoGP race at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California since 2006 to see my favorite racer, Valentino Rossi #46, a.k.a. “The Doctor,” race. As usual, I got a paddock pass and the Rev Limiter pass, and was able to see him “up-close and personal” a few times. Each experience is always different from the previous years.

I went for all three days of the race again. The first day, I went with my best friend Stephen and coworker Lea on Friday. They had never been to a race, so it was a new experience for them. As always, I was at the track really early in the morning trying to get photos of Rossi plus some autographs, but no luck. The Rev Limiter pass allowed me to go to the front of the track after the first practice while all the riders were there. I was able to see Rossi in the way he looks when the camera crew is around during the race weekends.

On the second day, I went with Lea and her son Matthew. They both were great sports following me around in my crazyness. Once again, I tried to get Rossi’s photograph to no avail. Stephen couldn’t go because his ankle was hurting him badly (he broke it years ago and it has not healed correctly), so he took the day off to rest it.

On the third day, I went with Stephen and Lea, again. Same routine as the days before with the exception of no Rev Limiter Zone. Rossi finally came after the morning warm-up and I got two photos signed, my hat signed, and I got another photo with him.  The good thing this year is that I was able to see Rossi finish on podium again by finishing third.  It was a very close third position battle between him and Alvaro Bautista.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

Sharks Territory at MotoGP

Me and Stephen

Me and Lea


First autograph of 2013

photo 2

photo 3


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